Earthquake Insurance FAQs

What would happen if an earthquake hit Seattle?

This simulation from WSDOT demonstrates how disastrous a strong earthquake could be.

Does my homeowners policy cover earthquake insurance?

In the Pacific Northwest, most homeowners insurance policies exclude coverage for earthquake.

Do I need earthquake insurance?

Yes! We recommend earthquake insurance to all Pacific Northwest residents. Our team has seen the emotional and financial losses earthquakes cause. After the “big one” hits, reimbursement from an earthquake insurance policy can mean the difference between despair and hope for many families. For many of us, our homes are our largest financial asset. This is why purchasing earthquake insurance is so critical.

What does an earthquake policy cover?

The comprehensive earthquake insurance policies we offer include coverage for:

  • the structure of your home
  • its contents
  • any detached structures on your property, such as a detached garage 
  • additional living expenses if your home is not habitable due to earthquake damage.

Is earthquake insurance expensive?

In many areas of Washington and Oregon, earthquake insurance is not expensive. Earthquake insurance can be more expensive in Seattle, where homes are older and in close proximity to fault lines.

What happens if I don’t buy earthquake insurance?

Affected homeowners may qualify for a loan through the Federal Emergency Management Agency. After watching news reports on Hurricane Katrina and other natural disasters, we cannot recommend clients rely on FEMA to help rebuild their homes and their lives.

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