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If you live in Washington State or Oregon, you NEED earthquake insurance. This important coverage is not covered by your home or condo insurance. Luckily, your McClain Insurance team offers QuakeQuotes to help secure the best possible coverage for your needs!

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Washington has the second highest earthquake risk in the U.S.

Have you purchased earthquake insurance yet? We have VERY affordable options for you!

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Earthquake Insurance in Washington just makes sense!

With super low prices for earthquake insurance in Washington, we make protecting your most valuable asset simple and affordable! What many Washington residents don't realize is that it only takes a mild tremor to cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage to your home's foundation, let a lone a full-blown earthquake.

With Washington State having the second highest earthquake risk in the country, having this coverage for your home is absolutely critical.

Homeowners insurance specially excludes coverage for earthquake damage!

In laymen's terms, this means that earthquake damage, or damage caused by "earth movement," IS NOT COVERED BY ANY HOMEOWNERS POLICY.

Don't worry! If you're wondering how to get earthquake insurance in Washington (or Oregon), QuakeQuotes by McClain Insurance is the only insurance solution you need.

Look at these affordable, real-life quote examples on our Washington State earthquake insurance plans:

These are actual quotes from real QuakeQuote customer policies in the last month! No matter how old your home is, our plans are extremely affordable and we can issue coverage the same day!

  • Home built in 2003

    Bellingham, WA, $350,000 Earthquake coverage, ONLY $151 per year or $12.58 per month!

  • Home built in 1987

    Bothell, WA, $501,000 Earthquake coverage, ONLY $297 per year or $24.75 per month!

  • Home built in 2006

    Snohomish, WA, $655,000 Earthquake coverage, ONLY $341 per year or $28.42 per month!

  • Home built in 1942

    Seattle, WA, $410,000 Earthquake coverage, ONLY $481 per year or $40.08 per month!

Has your insurance company dropped or refused your earthquake insurance?

QuakeQuotes by McClain Insurance has choices for you!

  • Unique Stand-Alone Coverage

    Our stand-alone earthquake policies are the perfect compliment to your existing homeowners policy, which excludes earthquake coverage completely.

  • Flexible Deductible Options

    With QuakeQuotes, you can choose a deductible as low as 2.5%. Higher deductible options are available for additional cost savings.

  • No One-Size-Fits-All Policy

    QuakeQuotes pricing is often 35-50% lower due to our custom, individualized rating of each property.

  • Easy Underwriting

    No on-site inspection or retrofitting is required - ever! 

  • Easy Approval

    Did you know more than 95% of Washington homes qualify for our earthquake insurance? Even unreinforced masonry construction may be eligible. 

  • Coverage Options To Fit You

    With QuakeQuotes you can customize your earthquake insurance coverage to your needs and budget. "Dwelling only" coverage is available.

  • Rock Solid Coverage

    QuakeQuotes coverage is offered by carriers rated "Excellent" by A.M. Best, so you can rest assured you're backed by only the best earthquake insurance companies.

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